Monday, July 6, 2009

Nicholson Workshop Comments, photos, and video

Please tell Mr. Nicholson again for me that I greatly appreciated him doing this workshop. It was very informative and enjoyable at the same time ........ Michael Fredde

Good morning Barbara and everyone else who helped make the workshop happen last evening, Thank you all very much for your efforts; it was truly an inspiring event for me!! ....... Butch Shindel

Hey Everyone,
Many thanks to all of you that came out to DSA "Gary Nicholson Songwriter's Workshop" on Wednesday, June 24th and made it a great success with an overflowing crowd of 35 people.

Please see some of the pictures posted on our DSA Yahoo Groups site. This is the members group, so you will have to be a member to view the photos. Here's the link:
Here are two of many:
Gary Nicholson

DSA President, Steve Sullivan, Gary Nicholson, DSA Founder, Barbara McMillen

You can download your pictures with Gary from here. A couple of videos have been posted on YouTube as well.
Part One:
Part Two:

Thank You,
Steve Sullivan, DSA President

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