Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Free Vocal Workshop for DSA Members

Who: Michael Maresca, MMOV Studios
What: Free Vocal Workshop
Where: 1865 McGee Lane Suite D, Lewisville, 75077
When: Aug. 14, 5p.m.
How: Contact Buck Morgan, 972 345 2133,

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  1. Saturday was just another triple digit day. People had stuff to do, stuff they couldn't get out of, and then some had stuff that they could do, but didn't have to if they decided not to.

    I had my step-daughter's graduation from UNT, so I was already in the Lewisville neighborhood for the Free Vocal Workshop at MMOneVoice Studio. Plus I had organized it with Josh and Michael and kind of had to be there.

    Maridale and I drove by the studio about an hour early, then we went for a drive to see where our daughter Lindsey works at Bath and Body Works. The studio looked pretty isolated and abandoned when we drove by, so I asked MD how many of the 10 workshop confirmations I could expect to actually attend. She guessed 5. I sighed.

    By the end of the workshop, all 10 of us were dangling our heads over our chests, making Jerry Lewis sounds. "Hey Laaaadddyyy!" I knew we would do better than 5, but I didn't expect 100 percent.

    Woody Allen said just showing up is 90 percent of success. Here's what some of the folks who showed up had to say about Michael Maresca's free vocal workshop:

    As an evolving songwriter who had never taken a voice lesson, I constantly felt like 'wow, this guy is saving me so much time and heartache in the process of learning how to sing.' Clearly, he knows his craft AND is a gifted teacher with the ability to communicate in ways that let creative people get a handle on the otherwise technical aspects of singing. I just want to say THANK YOU to all involved! I am completely impressed, humbled, and grateful."


    While I am not quite ready to call myself a singer, Michael has me believing that I'll soon be able to get more out of my voice than the pain and frustration I'm accustom to. He is a very impressive teacher, and I'm looking forward to practicing the exercises he shared with us. Perhaps one day, after some practice and additional instruction, I'll be able to comfortably refer to myself as a singer-songwriter. Thanks again for the opportunity to take part in this valuable learning experience.


    I loved the voice workshop with Michael! What a talented guy. I've always assumed I couldn't sing, so I'm gonna give it a go and take a few lessons. I figure it's fun to learn about something new and it will be of benefit to my songwriting.

    I truly thank everyone at the DSA for the hard work in organizing these educational and inspiring gatherings, as well as the posts, newsletters, speakers, etc... I get to as many events as I can (which is never as many as I'd like) but I always leave a better writer.

    Thank you, thank you.


    Had a great time last night. Thanks for inviting me to the program. I am going to check him out and take a few lessons, I think, along with my granddaughter. She loves to sing and act out her little skits she puts together. I was quite impressed with his range and sound.


    I had a fabulous time & am really interested in trying these techniques to see what changes happen w/ my voice & how it will impact the trio I'm in. Great class w/ lots of interesting folks.

    Thanks, Michael.


    I got a lot of info and useful tips out of the second half discussion and “wah” exercises. The facilities were top notch and Michael Maresca and his wife were super nice people. I hope we can do more workshops with them. He definitely knows what he’s doing and has credentials out his “wah”. For those of you that were there you know what I mean. Next time I hope to make it on time.

    Thanks again Buck and all who helped set the vocal workshop up. Buck you’re doing a great job as El Presidente’.
    Be Well,
    Steve Sullivan



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