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Beth Nielsen Chapman Workshop, July 16, Love & War in Plano

Beth Nielsen Chapman's workshop is on songwriting and the power of dropping into the heart and listening to the guiding voice of the creative spirit. Beth’s songs, interspersed with story and insights, explore creative expression from the perspective of creativity in action. 
 The miracle of creative flow comes from the same source no matter what's growing. The great song, like the flower, is a divine expression of creativity.  The brain has to get out of the way and allow the heart and soul, the subconscious wells of creativity, to flow and work their magic.  Chapman balances the importance of balancing the craft with the inspiration: “If the heart and body and breath of great writing come from the soul, then you can thank the brain for help with the clothes, shoes, and matching handbag.” You'll experience some great insight on how to maximize the whole spectrum of what you can bring to your writing after a BNC workshop! 
Beth's style of critiquing a song is very supportive while cutting through to the best in what each song has to offer and working towards bringing up the overall quality and making it 'air-tight'.
Here are some comments from students:

.........."By far it has been the most interesting, stimulating and heartful songwriting workshop I’ve ever attended since I started pursuing songwriting!  It's very unique in its way and brings out the message of an endless universe with an endless inner potential to write songs or be creative in any way whatsoever.  It’s a great message to the psyche that can work both on a conscious and/or subconscious level to really make a difference in a person’s life!"

.........."thank you for your truly inspirational master class on Tuesday evening....  I came to the event dejected, and left feeling empowered.
        I am and will be forever grateful"

.....I left feeling inspired and nourished. You emit such an infectious joy and hopefulness – it is the most beautiful and powerful thing and I hope I can ‘grow up’ to be even a bit like that :)

........"Just to thank you for a wonderful workshop and concert.  It was inspiring, challenging and entertaining all rolled into one!"

Beth and 10 members judged to have the best songs submitted to her for evaluation prior to the workshop will take the stage between 5:30 PM and 7:00 PM that evening. She will be adding a capability to her site to submit your best song soon. The two songs that she chooses as the best songs will get a scholarship where Beth will refund the enrollment fee. To take advantage of this opportunity, you must sign up before July 2nd. 

Sign up ahead of time at the links below. By the way, the text on her site says $35 for DSA and NSAI, and $40 for non-members, but this is a misprint that will be corrected. The actual cost is $40 for DSA and NSAI members and $50 for non-members. Sorry for the confusion. We are expecting a large attendance from people worldwide, so register soon, as seating is limited. Food and beverage will be available to be purchased from the restaurant and is not part of the registration fee. Love and War in Texas has a good menu of steaks, seafood, and other Texas cuisine.

This is a rare opportunity to work with Beth. She is the former president of the Nashville Songwriters Association International and has written a number of #1 hits for stars like Faith Hill (This Kiss), Willie Nelson (Nothing I Can Do About It Now) along with numerous album releases of her own. Here is a Wikipedia link for Beth and her work -

10AM - 4PM at Love and War, Plano, 
5:30 - 7:30 Guitar Pull Circle
Workshop Fee $50      
$10 Discount for DSA Members
Register Online or by mail
Nielsen Chapman Workshop
Dallas Songwriters Assoc.
Sammons Center For The Arts
3630 Harry Hines #20
Dallas, Tx 75219

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